We want to be able to actively influence the quality of the projects in the area of our expertise, both in Poland and around Europe. The experience and knowledge gathered over the years allowed us to create a training department for the purpose of providing and promoting highly skilled specialists to the markets. We specialize in thorough educating of argon welders, who will find employment opportunities within the power, chemical and petrochemical industries. The length of the course is adjusted to individual skills and needs of every student. Training is concluded with examinations under supervision of UDT, TUV or IS. During the course, our trainees are able to gain unique skills of ambidextrous welding of pipes of the following types 15Mo, CrMoxxx, X20 and p91. We do also offer a specialist mirror – welding training, which requires at least 12 months of practice. We also organize professional training for electric installation and network welders as well as MIG and MAG welders. In addition we are training metal workers, fitters, steel structures fitters and isometric fitters. Participants of our courses receive basic theoretical knowledge of machining, materials durability, hardening and plastic processing. The practical part allows them to gain skills such as reading of technical and isometric plans and drawings. Each course of training is concluded with an examination of plasma and oxygen – acetylene cutting, basic MIG and MAG welding, drilling, tracking and grinding. Passing all the practical examinations is confirmed with an appropriate certificate.