Repairs and fitting of steam and water boilers and heaters

After many years of usage heaters and boilers inevitably lose their efficiency. Worn-out elements cannot function as good as new ones and they are causing a lot of environmental pollution. It is often not possible to exchange all of the boilers for new ones, because of the large scale of investment and logistic effort required for such project. Metal Service employs highly skilled specialist engineers and technicians, able to provide comprehensive solution to all sorts of problems. At the beginning we are conducting detailed investigation and analysis of the situation, and then we are bringing in adequate solutions. The outcome of our actions is full reconditioning and revitalisation of water/steam boilers.

  • Grate boilers: drum boilers with forced draft
  • Water boilers with forced draft
  • Dust drum boilers with natural or induced circulation
  • Flow dust boilers
  • Thermal fluid boiler with natural circulation or forced draft

Within the full range of our services we also offer fitting, rehauls and modernization of the following electrical and heating devices:

  • Pressure parts of boilers/heaters along with the drums, steam separating devices, chambers, pipelines and pipe coils.
  • Burners
  • Channels for exhaust fumes and air
  • Storage bins and feeders for coal and dust
  • Pressure and non-pressure tanks for storage of poisonous and caustic materials
  • Flow pipe systems installation
  • Measurement and control devices
  • Fume dedusting systems with electrostatic burners
  • Fume desulphurizing systems
  • Deashing and deslagging installations
  • Waft and artificial draft installations
  • Kindling installations – oil and gas burners