Boiler rooms/plants and heat exchangers

We are specializing in delivering and fitting oil and coal boiler plants of 2 up to 25 MW. We are mainly supplying boilers made by well-established manufacturers and brands, such as Viessmann, Buderus, DeDietrich, Vaillant with steering systems by Honeywell, Telmatik, Danfoss. We can also provide our clients with complete installation services of the entire pipe systems (and their insulation), as well as with various filtering, sludgers and pumping systems:

  • we can modernize steam installations and pipelines
  • we provide and install heat exchanger stations based on ALFA LAWAL exchangers
  • we offer hydrophoric set based on Grundfoss and Pedrollo pumps and frequency controllers by Apator Control Danfoss
  • we realize projects such as water conditioning and treatment stations, heat recapturing systems and thermal insulation.

We also have many years of ascertained experience in prefabrication and fitting of rotary or heat exchangers.
We do offer regeneration repairs and overhauls of rotor air and exhaust fumes heaters (LUVO/GAVO).
We are using two basic systems of regenerative heat exchangers:

  • System Rothemühle – Stator
    This system uses heating inserts enabling exchange of heat; the inserts are located within the stationary compartment of the device.
  • System Rothemühle – Rotor
    This system utilises heating insertions enabling the exchange of heat, which are located in the rotating part of the device (as described by Frederik Ljungström)