1992 – the very beginning … Metal Service is established, begins to trade as a supplier of steel structures for building industry.
2003 – the business grows and starts to provide services and equipment for chemical & petrochemical industries and for the energy sector.
2003/2004 – we began expansion onto EU markets. We completed our first major project for RWE Group in cooperation with Kiel Montagebau GmbH; project includes complex reconditioning of an industrial scale boiler (Niederaussem, Germany).
2004-2005 – completion of the first environmentally – friendly project of boiler plants for newly built blocks of (reference object – boiler plant in Zesławice, Cracow)
2005 – we are taking part in realization of a prestige investment for the City of Cracow – building of Wisła Cracow stadium, under managerial control of GRI Budimex Dromex S.A.
2005 – we introduced Quality Management Scheme and gained DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 recognition and certificate.
2005 – we began regular cooperation with Balcke Durr GmbH, a world leader in design and implementation of eco-friendly solutions in industrial de-dusting, aero-steam and heating systems for energetics.
2005 – we are acquiring further markets! We supplied and fitted first inlet/outlet air ventilation systems for large scale construction projects – fitting of cold machine room and ice water installation for Budimex Dromex S.A. (Shopping Centre, Katowice)
2005/2006 – we organized and conducted a series of courses and training for engineering and technical staff. Training included practical fitting, repairs and overhaul techniques of revolving air/exhaust gases heaters LUVO/GAVO
2005 – we acquired first contract for overhauls of LUVO appliances, commissioned and supervised by Balcke Durr GmbH.
2005 – we gained clearance from the SLV Institute for fabricating and assembly of steel structures in accordance to DIN EN 10 025 for the following materials S235, S275, S335, CrNi-steels, it allows us to operate in Germany.
2007 – we are broadening the range of our services even further – from now on we offer comprehensive maintenance and upkeep services of industrial garbage feeders and canals in incinerators (Duseldorf, Germany).
2007 – the inception of our own training department –full capacity for training specialist Argon welders.
2009 – we introduced international safety management system – Det Norske Veritas Safety Checklist for Contractors (SCC), as a result we achieved clear improvement of risk awareness amongst our workers.
2009-1010 – we are investing in our brand new facilities – construction of purpose built manufacturing plant of 2500 m2 and a 600 m2 company headquarters office building in Cracow.