Production hall

Information about the production hall

The building project became possible thanks to financial support from the European Union Fund through Malopolska Enterprise Centre, within II Priority Programme “The economy of local opportunity’ – point 2.1 “Development and improvement of company’s competetiveness’.

The investment facilitates production of:

  • high pressure tanks,
  • drums,
  • pipe coils for petrochemical furnaces,
  • electrofilters
  • heat exchangers.


  • steel constructions of halls,
  • steel constructions for petrochemical and chemical industries,
  • steel constructions of bridges,
  • other types of steel constructions such us stairs, barriers,
  • steel constructions for concrete plants (silos).


The most important targets for the building were:

  1. Health and safety at work – The implementation of modern cranes of 20/5 tons lift  improved the efficiency of loading and unloading of heavy components, improving the safety of work. Additionally, our project provides for ventilation systems and gas separation, in order to provide optimal work conditions
  2. Noise reduction – System of modern acoustic panels which significantly reduced noise.
  3. Environmental care – The investment was planned according to the environmental principles of construction in industry. The technologies used in the construction has improved the building’s energy efficiency and has helped to decrease air pollution.